VetBros Care Program

Why are 1.5 million dogs and cats euthanized each year?

One of the main reasons is solely due to finances! Many pets are put down due to unforeseen circumstances and an owner’s inability to afford life saving care. VetBros aims to stop this problem!

We help distressed families experiencing various hardships (bankruptcy, unemployment, etc.) by providing the financial assistance needed to treat their pets. The VetBros Care Program is a global network of veterinarians that provide health services and medical procedures for these families.

Apply for the VetBros Care Program here. This program is for families seeking financial assistance for emergency veterinary care for their pet.

Todd’s Story

Todd arrived at the animal hospital lethargic and in pain after his owner noticed he was straining in the litter box and yelping out in extreme discomfort. The veterinarians at the hospital diagnosed a urethral obstruction and kidney failure. Todd was treated medically and responded really well, but a few days later became obstructed again. Todd’s owner had recently been laid off and was unable to afford Todd’s medical bills. The VetBros Pet Education Charitable Fund provided financial assistance to help cover the costs to treat Todd’s condition. Todd’s surgery was successful, and he is living a great life with his owner who is so thankful she could get Todd the care he needed.

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