Transition Project

Transitioning the pet industry to be sustainable and resilient.

The VetBros Pet Education Charitable Fund is teaming up with Central Bark doggie daycare and Carol Stream Animal Hospital to implement renewable/green energy consumption into their facilities in hopes of influencing the pet industry to be more environmentally responsible. Climate change is one of the greatest public health threats of the twenty-first century. 

The pet industry has had a strong desire to promote environmental sustainability within our industry, but lacks the resources available to make an impact. The VetBros PECF is teaming up with Green 2 Gold to support the pet industry in learning about and taking action to decrease its environmental footprint. 

The Transition Project is the environmental initiative that is helping the pet industry upgrade their facilities (veterinary hospitals, doggie daycare, pet stores, animal shelters, etc.) in order to reduce their general waste and energy consumption. The pet industry has always highlighted their own concerns about the impact that climate change has on the pets we care for and care about. It is time for our industry to lead by example, and the Transition Project provides the tools and guidance needed to make our industry be a leader in environmental sustainability and resilience.

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